Green Dog Chem-Dry has purchased Chem-Dry Carpet Solutions in the summer of 2016.  Rob and Karen of Middletown, did an excellent job cleaning carpets, rugs and upholstery for the last 8 years!  We bring with us our 23 years of experience and 10 licenses in the Chem-Dry family.  But most of all we bring our passion to clean for your health.  It is the foundation to every decision we make.  No one will out clean us and our 10 Step Process and our 15 Minutes of Free Cleaning.

We've updated all the cleaning equipment to the most powerful in the industry!!  And the technicians are going through constant training on how to deliver a healthy clean home and wonderful experience.

We started our journey in 1994 with a fresh diploma from Virginia Commonwealth University and something to prove.  We've learned a lot about business and how important your employees and customers are.  It just took a little time and many many mistakes, I can't believe we made it through all the challenges.

Now we are one of the most awarded franchises in the 2,000 franchise international company.  Presidents Award annually, Circle of Excellence annually, Entrepreneur of the Year, Chem-Dry of the Year in 2014, and most proud of our Mentor of the Year Award in 2016 where we share our systems of success.

Whether your cleaning for the Holidays, Spring Cleaning, Moving In our out, getting new furniture, Pet Accidents, or just need a good cleaning we would love to help you enjoy a clean healthy home again.  Give us a call!

Please give us a call at (301) 371-0073 if there is any additional information you would like or if you have any questions or concerns.


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